Police Officer - Houston, TX

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$42,000 - $46,420

- be a U.S. citizen
- possess a valid driver's license and proof of liability insurance
- driving record should reflect prudence and maturity
- be at least 20 1/2 - 44 years of age (applicants must be 21 prior to graduating the academy and must not turn 45 prior to graduating the academy).
- must never have been convicted of or received community supervision for a Class A Misdemeanor or Felony.
- must not have been convicted of or received community supervision for a Class B Misdemeanor within the past 10 years.
- former military personnel must not have been convicted of any court-martial higher than a summary.
- must have a stable credit history, family background and employment background (please note: any accounts in collections must be resolved prior to submitting your application, and supporting documentation must be provided confirming the accounts have been resolved).

- You must have at least one of the following three qualifications:
1) At least 48 semester hours of credit from an accredited college or university with at least a 2.0 grade point average (please note: "developmental" or "remedial" classes do not count towards the minimum 48 credit hours); OR
2) A minimum of 18 months active duty in the United States armed forces and received an honorable discharge; OR
3) At least five years of full-time employment as a peace officer licensed by TCOLE or an equivalent licensing entity in another state.

- reading comprehension test
- polygraph test
- drug screening test
- background investigation
- medical examination
- physical agility test
- psychological test

Visit www.hpdcareer.com to learn more about the Houston Police Department and to apply.

Recruiting Division
Houston Police Department
1200 Travis Street, Suite 1300
Houston, Texas 77002

Telephone: 713 308-1300
Email: hpdrecruitingapplication@houstonpolice.org
Web Site: Houston PD Recruitment

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