Interviewing Tips - Judgment Scenarios

Answer To Judgment Scenario #1

The dilemma with this question is should you stop to help those involved in the accident or should you continue to do your job transporting this prisoner? If you state that you would stop to provide assistance, the panel will question you about leaving your partner alone with the prisoner. They may also point out that this could be a setup in order to free the prisoner. If you state that you would not stop to help those involved in the accident, the panel may ask you, You mean you would let these people die?

Be sure to convey to the panel that you recognize the situation you are in. You would like to help those in need but you also have a duty to maintain control of this prisoner. If they have not mentioned it, you should tell them that this accident may be a ruse designed to ambush you and your partner.

Since the prisoner is dangerous, you should probably continue on to the jail. However, you will provide assistance to the accident victims by radioing for medical emergency services. Remember, there are other ways to help besides physically lending a hand.

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